Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing has gained popularity with potential customers visiting your website for time-saving tips or answers to tough industry challenges. That’s why it is crucial to engage them with great content. Infographics have become a popular way to quick “how to” information.

Blog posts, like the one below, can be educational and can help your customers gain information on how to quickly solve a problem.

infographicInfographic: Digital and Mail Organization

Although online payments have gained much popularity, some organizations still prefer mailing checks. Not only is this distinction important in terms of how your accounting department processes payments, but also in planning your marketing strategy in analyzing how your customer responds to print vs. digital formats.

To save time, some marketers throw caution to the wind by transmitting daily emails for a quick return then later find that their surge of emails eventually resulted in falling response rates. Careful project planning and analysis will ultimately increase response and decrease opt-outs.

The integration of electronic and direct mail marketing vehicles can be profitable, but also complex. From designing dual campaign formats, list selection and promo code assignment … to monitoring print production costs and response rates — it can be quite a challenge to manage all the pieces. But it doesn’t have to be. Tactical planning efforts on the back-end with best practices in project management will set well-defined campaign goals that will result in winning promotions and profits down the road.

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