How to Build A Job Board for Your Website

help2These days including a career page on a website is becoming more popular for healthcare organizations and publishers — especially when you look at headlines surrounding the jobs outlook as it relates to the Affordable Care Act, physician shortage, new patient record technology and HIPAA requirements. Recruiters are following these trends by looking for candidates with specialized skills, and are advertising for them on websites targeting specific industries.

Why Include a Career Page on Your Website?

A career page is a great online resource for employers looking for candidates, and a quick way for job-seekers to locate positions within their field.

When you add a career page on your website you benefit by getting a higher SEO ranking from reoccurring visitors reading fresh content on career advice, interview tips and networking events. But most importantly, you can also generate substantial revenue by incorporating a niche job board.

The Niche Job Board: Build It and They Will Visit

fdajobNiche Job boards are becoming more lucrative today because a hiring manager can save time posting multiple positions on the same site. If a recruiter sees your organization and online presence as a trusted resource, they’ll advertise on your website with the notion visitors will be drawn to search the job listings.

Currently, there are more than 120,000 job boards out there. The health care industry alone accounts for approximately 200,000 individual job postings. As this service becomes more popular recruiters and candidates will continue to peruse targeted career sites familiar to them.

Associations like the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE), Children’s Hospital Association (CHA) and the American Hospital Association’s (AHA) HealthCareerCenter site offers online employment search benefits as part of their membership. The Michigan Health & Hospital Association (MHHA) alone offers its members access to more than 3,000 job openings submitted by more than 800 employers.

JobTarget’s OneClick  provides a list of medical job boards and what they’re charging

5 Steps for a Profitable Job Board

To get started you can research these top services: JobTarget, SimpyHired,, and 
PG Job Site Pro. I’ve had great experience with JobTarget’s recruitment platform and highly recommend them.

1. Set-up. To accurately target your audience, select job titles you’d like advertised on your job board by defining backfill jobs and creating a list of ONET codes. These job titles and keywords will make or break your visibility to job seekers.
2. Design. The design of your job board should be seamless and mirror your home page. This covers everything from ensuring your job site is aesthetically pleasing (graphics, layout and copy) to ease of navigation as an employment search should be a quick and easy experience for your visitor. If you don’t have the resources of a web designer, some of the services I mentioned above will design your page for a fee. Or, you can hire a freelancer at Upwork, Thumbtack or
3. Advertise. After your site is launched, successful job board exposure calls for a strategic marketing plan. Promote your new job board via email campaigns, digital and print advertising, social media platforms and partnerships.
4. Monetize. You can make even more revenue by up-selling – offering advertising packages to include job postings within your e-newsletter, on social media sites and within a text banner ad. Job board competition is growing and hiring managers are more savvy while shopping for the right platform. Draft a sales pitch so you’re prepared to sell your new product. Be sure to include FAQ’s, pricing and customer service information on your career page.
5. Analyze. Be sure to set-up a Google Analytics account so you can provide customers with web traffic data.

These 5 steps should get you off and running to a profitable job board – an additional stream of revenue for you, a great way to help your peers find work and a time-saver for recruiters to locate great candidates!

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Barbara J. Bauer

Digital Marketing Strategist
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