13 Strategies to Find Webinar Presenters

recruitwebinarWebinars have gained quite a bit of steam over the past few years by providing education, as well as generating leads and revenue.

CEOs, professors and HR trainers take note – for efficiency, add webinars to your educational programs. Savvy marketing and event managers – for increased brand recognition, incorporate webinars into your marketing mix.

Years ago a friend of mine asked if I thought webinars were simply a fad – a temporary fix until company in-house training and travel budgets returned. My answer was simply “No.” You see, I’ve promoted these online forums for years prior to the economic downturn in 2008 and have always seen an influx of revenue at a fraction of the in-person conference cost. Webinars are here to stay and serve as a dynamic training tool to quickly educate attendees on new regulations, processes and evolving technology.

How Webinars Work

Each registrant is emailed a unique personal identification number (PIN) with a link to the presentation. A webinar can run 60 or 90 minutes with a 15 minute Q&A period at the conclusion. For more information on webinar set-up and logistics, I recommend you check-out these 3 hosting companies: Beaconlive, ComPartners and Cvent.

Dynamic Webinar Presenters: 13 Places to Find Them

There are 3 critical parts for a successful webinar: 1) a strong presenter, 2) unique topic and 3) informative slides that captivate your audience.

Webinar attendees must be engaged. For tips read: How to Avoid Death by Webinar
by Amy Osterholm and Karen Olivar Mariano.

But how do you find instructors that entertain and sessions that make a big impact? Linda, a marketing director for a large association attended an annual conference. She sat-in on sessions that covered advocacy and social media. Knowing that her members would also benefit from these workshops, she approached the speakers to see if they would present their courses in a virtual setting. She also solicited for webinar presenters by distributing RSVP Speaker Invitations that she had printed prior to the event.


12 more ways to find a great webinar presenter:

1. Conferences. Recruit online instructors while negotiating speaker agreements for your sponsored events. Include a check-box as an additional option for the speaker to provide the session as a webinar at a future date. Advertise for speakers at the event, on presentation slides.
2. Publications. Do you publish a newsletter or journal? Enlist authors and contributors as webinar presenters based on their great content.
3. Website. Add a Call for Speakers webinar page and banner ads to your site. Here are a few samples: HCCA, NAPCP, Prim&R and IOA.  
4. ePromotions.
Advertise Call for Speakers within your eNewsletter and as an email blast.
5. Database
. Your customer and membership list is gold. Pull influential titles and contact information from your list: consultants, presidents and professors. Reach-out to them.
6. Partnerships. Ask business partners if they would be interested in forming a co-sponsored webinar. More organizations are collaborating to expand their reach.
7. Competition. Investigate your competitor’s website for events. Form a partnership or recruit their speakers. A conflict of interest clause may exist, but still worth pursuing.
8. Blogs. See who’s posting comments. Perhaps a thought-leader who contributed guidance can provide online instruction.
9. Social media. Advertise on all platforms. Check to see where tweets or fans originate from – some could ultimately lead to a virtual lecturer.
10. Online Education sites like Business Expert Webinars list speakers by topic. You might find your next speaker there.
11. Universities. Search for webinar instructors on college sites similar to this University of Maryland page.
12. Email Signature.
Include a call for webinar speakers link.

Need more advice on how to set-up your next webinar? We’d be happy to help, contact us.

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